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TJX Productions is open for business under construction!!!

TJX Productions is open for business under construction developing new service capabilities. New options and pricing will be available soon. Please feel welcome to contact us for your next project in need of professional service.

When the need for anything from business/professional to personal/private becomes necessary to be seen, heard, recorded, produced, streamed, or any combination thereof,

TJX Productions has the solution to support your vision first and foremost adding a powerful expertise your project capabilities with you in control of what you want as we simply focus on enhancing you.

Produce professional corporate projects, events, media material, host, sell, and market small businesses, music or artistry, create and restore memorabilia. TJX Productions has the professional solution to enhance and create your vision to life.

Let us upgrade and restore old media making it user friendly for new devices!

Contact us for custom pricing.

+1 (314) 225 - 1351

+1 (636) 251 - 4640

Located in Missouri

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