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TJX Productions is a Multimedia Production Specialist Service dedicated to professionals, artists, and consumers for project development requiring a bundle of audiovisual recording, streaming, and web development integration to assist projects ranging from intellectual property marketing and events to private media memories.

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TJX Productions is a Multimedia Production Specialist Service owned and operated by Tim Howard.

TJX-Pro specializes in custom tailoring projects and events requiring the professional experience and tools needed to achieve anything from media creation and web development to enhancing live events as a fully customizable versatile service. Choose from specific needs to bundled services as the best-fit option for any project. 

TJX-Pro bundles Media Creation, Audio/Visual, Web Development, Advertising & Marketing skills to offer a comprehensive plethora normally found within hiring a few different companies and professionals bundled into one company service listed as TJX Productions.

TJX-Pro is a specific bundle of services dedicated to what is offered as a focus, not a claim to be anything under the sun. Please contact Tim to custom-build your project into the design or event you intend it to be. I work with you one-on-one producing your vision within reasonable budget constraints to ensure quality and value.

It's all about you, not me. Make TJX Productions your tool of the trade whenever you need a real professional.

"When your project needs to be seen, heard, recorded, broadcast, Web2, Web3, professional or private, we have a solution for you!"

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TJX Invoice pic_edited.png

7827 Town Square Avenue STE 104
O'Fallon, MO 63368-7199


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